Tips for Apartment Living With Pets


Incredibly, you’ve managed to find yourself an apartment for rent that allows you to keep pets on the property. And since you’ve been longing for a fuzzy little companion to make your life complete, the option is now open to you. But whether you’ve lived with animals before or not, sharing an apartment space with a dog, cat, or other pet may be an entirely new experience for you, and it doesn’t come without its share of issues to contend with. However, you’re not the first apartment dweller to bring home a pet and you won’t be the last. So here are just a few helpful tips that will ensure you and your furry friend make the most of your living situation without suffering any ill effects.

The main problem, of course, is that most apartments offer no dedicated yard space to residents, which means that any pets you bring into your living space will lack the outdoor extension that allows them to run around freely in the fresh air and, well, go to the bathroom unfettered. This is further compounded by the problem of structural modifications – you won’t likely be allowed to install dog or cat doors. Of course, it wouldn’t really matter if the landlord did allow you to put in such doors since they would likely let your pets out into a hallway rather than an exterior space anyhow. The point is that your pets are more or less stuck indoors whenever you’re not home. So what can you do to keep them healthy and happy?

One thing you definitely can’t do is leave them on a balcony or deck. Exposing animals to the elements during your absence is often considered animal cruelty and it could result in harm to your pet as well as hefty fines from animal control. Many people opt to return home frequently to walk dogs so that they don’t make a mess in the house, and some seek out nearby dog parks where their pets can legally run around leash-free in order to ensure that they’re getting plenty of outdoor exercise. Others may hire professional dog-walkers or even neighborhood kids to come and walk their dogs if they can’t make it home themselves. As for cats, many that live in apartments are simply indoor pets, although some people find ways to let them come and go (via fire escape, for example). Some may even seek first floor apartments for rent to ensure that their kitties have access to the outdoors.

The other main issue for many pet owners living in apartment rentals is noise. There’s no denying that dogs (and even some cats) will voice their displeasure at being left alone all day, and with paper-thin walls in most apartments the neighbors may complain. The best option, if it is open to you, is to take your pet to work. But since most businesses frown on this disruptive activity you may also consider using background noise (TV, radio, etc.) to soothe your animal, buying a bark collar, or even debarking your pet (although most people find this practice as reprehensible as declawing a cat). The other choice is to get yourself a pet that is bred for containment, such as a reptile or rodent rather than a dog or cat, which will solve all of the aforementioned problems.


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Renting Your First Apartment

Finding your very first apartment can be a very exciting time. It sounds so simple to go look at apartments, find one you like and pay the rent. If life were only that easy. Finding an apartment can be fun and exciting but you have to be very careful before handing over your money. For starters, decide what your rent budget is going to be. Will you need roommates and if so how many? The more rooms you are looking for the more expensive the apartment is going to be. Then you will want to decide whether you want to live in an apartment complex of in someone’s home. The difference in these two choices is in the utilities. When you move into most complexes they require that you pay your own electric and cable. Though you may find some complexes that will include cable.

If you decide to live in someone’s apartment in their home then you may get electric included cable will most likely be separated. Most apartments include heat unless you decide that you want to rent a home with a group of friends but even then this could be costly. You want to keep the idea of moving out small. If you are living alone, you will have more control over your budget and you will have the comfort of knowing that you have the money to pay bills.

When moving in with someone you have to rely on the fact that they have to give you money every month. Make sure that if you choose a roommate, it is someone you know and trust. Now it is time to start looking at apartments. If you choose an apartment complex you have the confidence of knowing that the apartment will be clean when you move in and the appliance will work. You also know that if you have a problem there is someone on hand to fix it.

Apartment complexes offer onsite laundry and some offer a fitness room and a swimming pool. Some even have air conditioners installed for summer. Complexes are great for security and knowing that you have neighbors right next to you. This also means that you have to be considerate of these neighbors. By choosing to live in an apartment in someone’s house, you have to take their word that if you run into a problem that it will be fixed.

You should have an airtight lease just like in complexes that cover anything and everything from heating problems to plumbing problems. You should have it all spelled out what you are responsible before and what they are responsible for. Make sure before you move into any apartment that you take pictures and have them dated. Take pictures of the appliances, the walls, carpets and anything that you can think of. This is for your own protection, it is an almost guarantee of getting back your security, Take your time and don’t pick the first place you see. You will find the apartment that is right for you.


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Building the Perfect Home Theatre Room

Building the Perfect Home Theatre

Having a theater room in your home is an entertaining luxury and can be such a fun place for family and friends to gather and have fun. Whether you decide to build a large add-on for movie watching, or a simple room for entertaining, the following are a few things to consider when building your family’s perfect home theater room:
Choosing the best location for your entertainment room is important for the overall appearance, sound and experience. If the primary purpose of it is to watch movies, you’ll want to choose a room that has very little or no natural light. Whether you have a basement, a room without windows, or simply install blackout curtains, this is the first step in building your home theater room.


The next step is furnishing this space with the essentials. There are quite a few different ways in which you can furnish your theater room, each one differing in their appearance and function. Some rooms have movie theater like seating, which can look awesome, but not always be very comfortable. Others have individual reclining like seats that have a place for drinks and snacks. Each of these offers a movie theater-like experience. If you’re looking for a more communal, cozy and comfortable atmosphere, you might consider getting a couple couches where all of your family and friends can gather together and watch a good movie.


When it comes to the electronic side of building your entertainment room, don’t be afraid to hire out the work. If you aren’t 100 percent comfortable with the wire and cable installations, it would be well worth your money to hire someone who is! If you’re worried about added cost, find out exactly what equipment you’ll need and do the research online in order to get the best possible price. Then call an electrician or contractor to install it. You’ll want your electronic wiring out of sight in order to be visually appealing, but you’ll also want it easily accessible in case something goes wrong down the road.


Finally, accessorizing your theater room is one of the most fun ways to take your theater room from cool to wow! Adorn the walls with larger than life movie reels, have a snack bar stalked with your favorite goodies, a fridge stalked with delicious food and a popcorn machine that makes delicious buttery popcorn. You’ll be the talk of the town and everyone will want to come to your house the next time you have a movie night.

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Decorating a Contemporary Dining Room

Decorating a Contemporary Dining Room

Contemporary design is about having clean lines and curves, without clutter. Contemporary designers create casual rooms with open and comfortable spaces. You can update your dining room design by using a contemporary and modern aesthetic. If you’re on a budget, consider purchasing a set of contemporary chairs instead of a contemporary table rather than purchasing all new furniture.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture has strong lines, straight edges and lots of right angles. If the furniture does have curves, they are soft curves and not the undulating scrollwork of more romantic French country style. When decorating a dining room, choose wooden or metal dining room chairs with straight backs. If you prefer upholstered chairs, choose leather or solid color upholstery. Prints are rarely used in contemporary design. Choose a dining room table with sleek, clean lines such as a thick wooden table without beveled edges, or a simple glass-topped table with silver legs.

Contemporary Wall Colors

Contemporary wall colors are generally neutral and stark earth tones. They do not have a lot of vibrancy and are not bright. Dark colors are rarely used, especially in dining rooms that do not receive a lot of natural light. If you are a fan of bright colors, choose a bright rug or bright place settings to add a pop of color that will not overpower the rest of the room’s decor.

Contemporary Wall Art

Contemporary design may seem too stark for families and those that want a comfortable home. If this is the case for you, add several potted plants on the dining room floor or on shelves. Choose plants with bright green leaves to add a punch of color to the room. Choose contemporary pots with neutral colors and geometric patterns.

Contemporary Rugs

Placing a rug in your contemporary dining room will help it look less sterile and more inviting. Choose rugs with subtle earth tones and a geometric or subtle design. Choose a brighter earth tone if you would like to add a pop of color to the room. If you have children and are worried about food spills, purchase a bamboo or hemp rug. Bamboo and hemp rugs’ design, color and function fit into the contemporary aesthetic and are more practical for some families.

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Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen

Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen

Countertops are the main points of a kitchen or a bathroom since this is the area which covers a lot of surface. A lot of home owners nowadays consider granite as the best and the most cost-effective material for countertop. Granite possess a natural beauty which can be enhanced more by a polished sheen. This exudes a classy, sophisticated appeal that a lot of home viewers consider as worthy of a high price tag. Aside from that, countertops which are made from granite can assure those who are interested in buying your home that there is no need to replace their future kitchen or bathroom countertop in a short period of time, since granite is known to be a durable material.

Aside from these factors, using granite countertops is actually very helpful in increasing the market value of your home, since a lot of contractors and brokers have actually observed an increase of demand for granite countertops in the real estate market these days. Hence, making sure that you already have this feature is an advantage that some homes for sale might lack.

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