Renting Your First Apartment

Finding your very first apartment can be a very exciting time. It sounds so simple to go look at apartments, find one you like and pay the rent. If life were only that easy. Finding an apartment can be fun and exciting but you have to be very careful before handing over your money. For starters, decide what your rent budget is going to be. Will you need roommates and if so how many? The more rooms you are looking for the more expensive the apartment is going to be. Then you will want to decide whether you want to live in an apartment complex of in someone’s home. The difference in these two choices is in the utilities. When you move into most complexes they require that you pay your own electric and cable. Though you may find some complexes that will include cable.

If you decide to live in someone’s apartment in their home then you may get electric included cable will most likely be separated. Most apartments include heat unless you decide that you want to rent a home with a group of friends but even then this could be costly. You want to keep the idea of moving out small. If you are living alone, you will have more control over your budget and you will have the comfort of knowing that you have the money to pay bills.

When moving in with someone you have to rely on the fact that they have to give you money every month. Make sure that if you choose a roommate, it is someone you know and trust. Now it is time to start looking at apartments. If you choose an apartment complex you have the confidence of knowing that the apartment will be clean when you move in and the appliance will work. You also know that if you have a problem there is someone on hand to fix it.

Apartment complexes offer onsite laundry and some offer a fitness room and a swimming pool. Some even have air conditioners installed for summer. Complexes are great for security and knowing that you have neighbors right next to you. This also means that you have to be considerate of these neighbors. By choosing to live in an apartment in someone’s house, you have to take their word that if you run into a problem that it will be fixed.

You should have an airtight lease just like in complexes that cover anything and everything from heating problems to plumbing problems. You should have it all spelled out what you are responsible before and what they are responsible for. Make sure before you move into any apartment that you take pictures and have them dated. Take pictures of the appliances, the walls, carpets and anything that you can think of. This is for your own protection, it is an almost guarantee of getting back your security, Take your time and don’t pick the first place you see. You will find the apartment that is right for you.


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